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​When you come to the studio for the first time, you'll be asked to complete our New Client Form and Liability Release Form. You can get a head start by printing and filling out the forms ahead of time and bring with you on your first visit.


New to yoga? New to Udana? No problem! First of all, welcome! See below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Have more questions? Contact us any time at info@udanayogawellness.com.

  • What are your prices?
    • Our drop-in class rate is $15 for in-studio classes, $10 for online. We also offer a variety of class packages, which give you a discount on the per class rate. See our Classes page for information.
  • What classes do you offer?
    • Please see our Classes page for a list of class offerings and a link to our Booker site where you can see the current class schedule and pre-register online.
  • I'm completely new to yoga. Where do I begin?
    • Our 4-week Beginners Yoga Series is a great place to start. We offer it several times each year. Check our class schedule. If the Beginners Yoga Series doesn't fit your schedule, contact us and we'll be happy to help guide you to an appropriate class. Most of our classes are appropriate for beginners, unless otherwise indicated on the class description.
  • I'm not flexible, can I do yoga?
    • Yes, of course! As yoga instructors, this is the #1 question we hear. Don't let images of human pretzel yogis deter you from giving yoga a try. Yoga helps improve flexibility and mobility. There are so many wonderful benefits! And, at Udana, we firmly believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY because...it is! Yoga is much more than the physical postures (asana). We're committed to creating a welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere where you can focus on Self Care!
  • What should I bring?
    • For starters, bring your self! No need to bring a mat. We have loaner mats as well as yoga props available during each class.
    • Water! Whether you're in for a gentle or more physical practice, it's always good to stay hydrated.
  • What should I wear?
    • Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. 
  • Is there somewhere I can change or use the restroom before class?
    • Yes! Restrooms are located down the hall from the studio, across from Aqua's nail station.
  • Where are you located?
    • We're located at 7435 South Howell Avenue in Oak Creek, in the lower level of Aqua Salon and Spa. Please park in the back lot, and enter through the glass doors (that say "Employee Entrance") at the back of the building.
  • Can children attend classes?
    • We welcome mature teens, ages 12+. We recommend parents accompany for first class, as we ask parents to sign the liability waiver for anyone under 18 years of age. 
  • What else should I know?
    • In an effort to keep the floors clean, please be prepared to take off your shoes when you arrive to the studio. We have space for you to store them. 
    • Please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early. If you're new, please arrive 15-20 minutes early so you have time to fill out new client forms. 
    • Instructors arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start of class.
    • The studio doors close at the start of class. Please make every effort to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class out of respect for your fellow participants and instructor and to avoid class disruption.
    • If the door to the studio is closed when you arrive, please wait in the lobby area for class to end.
    • If you have any injuries, are pregnant, or have changes in health, please notify the instructor before class begins. We will do our best to accommodate you by offering suggested modifications.
    • Silence your phone and place it with your personal belongings.
    • Honor your body. If something hurts, don't do it. Listen to your body throughout the practice and don't be afraid to ask the instructor for guidance if something doesn't feel right.
    • Yoga is not a competition! Don't worry about how you look or compare yourself with others. Don't take yourself too seriously. Step onto your mat with an open mind and be prepared to "meet" yourself wherever you're at that day. 
    • Don't skip out on Savasana, our final relaxation pose in class. It's the best part!
    • If you must leave early, please let the instructor know before the start of class and quietly exit the studio when you leave.
    • Udana welcomes your feedback and we're committed to offering you a great experience at our studio. Please reach out to us by email or phone if you have any questions or comments you'd like to share with us. We also appreciate your reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google.